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Words can move. Words can motivate. The right words inspire ACTION.

Hi, I’m Shona Dee, your resident copywriter and word nerd.

As a child, I wasn’t good at sport. I wasn’t great at math. I WAS good with words. Words have always come easy to me, and my passion now is helping people turn their businesses (and sometimes lives) around by piecing together the right words to bring super-duper results.

My years as a business analyst and writer have taught me how to get to the heart of a concept, and put the solution into effective and compelling words. I’m uniquely placed to piece together your ideas and concepts — no matter how broad — and put them into irresistible copy that will captivate YOUR target audience.

YOU have the killer product or amazing service; I have the words to get it out there.


I’ll speak to your audience, or recipient, in YOUR voice. Not sure what your voice is, or should be? No worries, I can help with that too.

Whether you’re a solopreneur, small business, large business or simply someone with a dream needing a little help to make it real, I would love to work with you. And I believe you’ll find real value in working with me.


Are you ready to STAND OUT from the crowd?

Let’s schedule a chat. Click the button below and let’s get started!

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A few fun facts

I live in Sydney, Australia with my partner and two (bigger than me) children. Besides writing, I enjoy crying during films, reading, and discovering what makes people tick. I like tea and dark chocolate, and consider it a special day when I’m able to combine the two.

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