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  • Shona Dee

SEO Copywriting — What is it and how important is it?

If you’ve been in business for any amount of time, and you have a website for that business, chances are you’ve come across the term ‘SEO’.

‘SEO’ and ‘SEO Copywriting’ have been known to be pretty hot topics, yet there is also a lot of confusion and mystery surrounding the two. I am by no means an SEO expert, and there is no way that I could write a single blog post exploring all of the ins and outs of SEO — there have been volumes written on the subject over the years!

Yet, during my time as a writer I’ve learned enough to get by (and perhaps a little more!) and have managed to apply what I’ve learned to the work that I do.

Now, I’d like to share what I know… and hopefully clear a little confusion along the way.

Let’s start from the beginning.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.

To break it down — when a search is conducted via Google (or any other search engine) a search results page is returned, showing web pages relevant to the words used in the search. The pages that are returned are a result of Search Engine Optimisation.

I think of SEO as the process of improving the likelihood that your content (website, webpage, blog post etc) will be found by search engines, by choosing certain words to be included in that content.

That is, by optimising the content so it is recognised (and looked upon favourably!) by search engines… and hence shown in the search results page.

The words used for the purpose of SEO are known as keywords. A group of words used for the purpose of SEO is known as a keyphrase.

Example of a keyword: vegetarian

Example of a keyphrase: healthy vegetarian dinner recipes

To expand on these examples — if you were in the business of selling vegetarian cookbooks, you would likely want keywords and phrases similar to these included in your website content.

THIS is where copywriting fits in, which leads me nicely to my next point:

What is SEO Copywriting?

Great question — I’m so pleased you asked!

As we discussed in this post, copywriting is writing that advertises, promotes and sells.

Now, the truly GREAT thing when it comes to SEO copywriting? When it comes to having your content optimised so as it is smiled upon by the Google gods and hence shown to more eager eyes?

ANY genuine copywriter writing online copy or content is an SEO copywriter! Any copywriter who takes their role seriously, who puts the time in to research and analyse trends and competition, and what works and what doesn’t, is an SEO copywriter.

Now, it does need to be said that copywriters can’t control everything when it comes to effective SEO (sad, yet true). We absolutely can help with — and take charge of — the words on the page. This is what we call on-page optimisation.

As a copywriter I can take charge of your on-page optimisation by:

  • Ensuring that I’m using your chosen keywords and phrases in the right places (along with the web copy, this may include page titles, meta descriptions and alt text)

  • Ensuring that I’m using an appropriate volume of keywords and phrases in the copy

  • Including quality links in the copy

The most important thing that I can do as your copywriter is to use your keywords and phrases naturally throughout the copy that I write, and to ensure that the copy includes real value to the consumer.

After all, nobody wants to read a pile of drivel that’s so stuffed with keywords that it makes no sense. (Google will also penalise this).

The other part of SEO (the part which copywriters are not so much responsible for) is the website optimisation. Website optimisation includes such things as site speed, site responsiveness, and ensuring that there are no broken links on the site. Copywriters look after the words — we sadly don’t look after all of the techy stuff.

If you’re a business wanting to get more eyes on your website, it stands to reason that you would be at least slightly interested in the concept of SEO — of doing whatever you can do to rank well on Google (on all search engines), and hence get more eyes on your wares.

But do you need to hire an ‘SEO Copywriter’ to ensure that your copy and content is written in an SEO-friendly manner? To ensure that your site/page is infused with the right words in the right places to get more eyes on your site, sooner? I don’t believe so.

A good copywriter is, by default, an SEO Copywriter.

With a well-functioning website and a great copywriter, you will be well on your way to SEO success.

If you would like help with SEO Copywriting for your business, or if you have any questions on this topic, CONTACT ME to schedule a free chat!

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